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Digital Media Production

Creative Content Development for Online Media

We create powerful, interesting and engaging content that can impress and attract your target audience in a better way to promote visibility for your business. The content marketing process involves crafting highly optimized

Viral Videos & Web Series

We’ve run video campaigns that have received thousands of shares, and produced short animated clips that have appeared on sites all over the internet. The trick is to understand what kind of content people are not only going to like, but feel compelled to share with their friends across social media.

Ad Films, Short Films & Documentaries

We have produced path-breaking Ad films that show impeccable creativity and great ideas. We have produced host of innovative short films on interesting subjects and themes for overseas clients. We have produced string of impact making documentaries

Corporate, Training & Promotional Films

Indi Production has over fifteen years' experience making award-winning films for business, the public sector and NGOs. Whether it’s videos for internal use or external facing web films, we provide a cost-effective, pragmatic and creative approach.

Events, Live Events, Cinematic Wedding Films

We specialize in filming events in true Cinematic style. We have been doing lots of Corporate Business events for all the leading giant companies around the globe. Some of the big names are; Hiranandani, Hema Malini Production,

Fiction & Non Fiction Programs

Indi Production is making strides in to booming television industry with its core competence in providing quality television software within prescribed budget. Indi Production has a vast pool of talent to execute fiction, non-fiction programmes.

Fund Raising Films

Our Goals is to make films that inspire, films that reflect positive values such as spirituality, personal wellness, brotherhood, community service with the understanding that wide range of the “Unselfish” human experience may fall underthis banner. Some positive contribution and the reflection of the human spirit and experience is paramount – Pritesh Sheth

Animation Films

We started off with creating highly distinctive work in various facets of Animation and VFX. With the basic aim of creating innovative modules finely blended with the years of experience we have experimented and successfully worked on challenging projects resulting in products that are visually captivating.

Radio Jingles

A jingle is a small song used for advertising or brand recall...usually between 30-60 seconds. Most people mistakenly call all radio ads, 'Jingles'. A jingle is necessarily music and lyrics based composition that is used for advertising a brand, product or service.

Digital Photography & Print

We have raised the standards for professional wedding videoproduction by combining an artistic vision with cutting-edge technology. Our Cinematic style covers every candid and special moment with the sights and sounds only a motion picture camera can capture.